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May Speaker Spotlight

Dave Collins is the founder of Melbourne-based business video production company ANGRYchair. Having worked in television production for five years, he brings the best production and storytelling tools from working alongside some of the best content creators in the world (David Attenborough and Tony Robinson to name a couple) with BBC, History Channel, and Australian Commercial TV to online film production for businesses.

With ANGRYchair he has produced content for international brands like BMW, Oxford University Press and Tennis Australia as well as compelling online video content for small businesses.

ANGRYchair's approach to creating authentic content for businesses online is that it must be as compelling and informative as something you would find on TV screens or in cinemas.

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'Past Speaker Spotlight'

November Speaker Spotlight

From her first foray into the world of journalism at 15, Annette Densham was hooked on sharing other people’s stories. A weaver of words and a hoarder of knowledge, Annette has written copy for websites, speeches, marketing and presentations and topics from forklifts to tax, to theatre lights and sport, to senior issues and health … she knows what makes news. With a 30 plus year career in newspapers – The Australian, Financial Review, and Daily Telegraph, magazines (print and digital) and corporate communications, this ex journo now uses her skills to teach small business people how to use their stories to connect with the world and build influential brands.
As the Publicity Genie, her work with small business has been recognised with three international business and PR awards especially for her Be Your Own Publicity Genie Program. She works with authors, speakers, retailers, service providers and entrepreneurs – because everyone can use their stories for great content to connect with the media and beyond. She has secured her clients over $4 million in free advertising through mainstream media. As an author, trainer, mentor and speaker, Annette weaves her story magic everywhere.

My talk - How To Be A Media Magnet. The rules of engaging the media are few but vitally important to those wanting to build their brand and become people of influence. But if you are going to play the game, you have to know those rules. Annette Densham, from awarding PR agency Publicity Genie and journalist, will take you through the nine rules you need to embrace to find your story, media contacts and get free publicity for your business. You will learn what makes news, how to contact a journalist, how to use your content over and over without it looking stale and how EVERY business can and PR to stand out and be seen.

October Speaker Spotlight

Introducing Brennan Lukav - rankONE

Brennan has had experience with over 400 websites and online marketing campaigns. He has achieved over 5,000+ top 3 rankings in Google and over 1,000,000 combined visits to rankONE's customers are seen on a monthly basis. if you want to grow your business.

What Can Brennan Lukav Do For You?

• Boost Your Website Traffic
• Increase Your Business Leads
• Make You the Authority of Your Niche
• Give You a Fantastic Return On Investment

Success Stories

• Ranked 400+ websites with keywords on the 1st page of Google search
• Developed more than 300 websites
• Generated millions of dollars profit for businesses world wide

September Speaker Spotlight

Introducing Debra Hilton - Hilton Copy Debra Hilton is a Direct Response Copywriter specialising in lead generation and conversion for professional service businesses. She has worked with some of the largest direct response copywriting companies worldwide and works with her clients to attract a steady stream of their ideal customers. Effective copywriting involves far more than simply expressing your ideas on screen or paper. You need to create curiosity, emotional engagement, and enthusiasm in your audience. No business can afford to be boring, and in this session we’ll explore what it takes to engage your audience, how to recognise effective copy, and how the copy you use directly affects your traffic, sales, and profits. We’ll also touch on the difference between online and offline copy.


August Speaker Spotlight

Introducing Jack Middleton - Jack is a brand and launch strategist who helps entrepreneurs bring their business vision to life.
Having worked with companies of all shapes and sizes including Oxfam, The Big Issue, The Body Shop and some very talented entrepreneurs Jack has a passion for putting purpose at the heart of a brand's success.
She has woken up to see her work featured on the front page of every national newspaper in the UK, travelled to Tanzania with ten brilliant teenage journalists looking to expose the truth about Third World Debt and became one of the first 12 people in the world to receive an "ethical MBA”.
At our August meeting Jack will be sharing her "Secrets of a Billionaire Brand” including some practical strategies to help you and your business shine more brightly.